Difference between eVars & Props & Events

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Difference between eVars & Props & Events

Postby web-analyst » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:52 pm


I am about to get involved in an Omniture SiteCatalyst implementation. I want to make sure I understand what eVars, Props and events' roles are and how they are different.


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Re: Difference between eVars & Props & Events

Postby analytics-expert » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:34 pm


eVars, Props and Events are important elements in capturing and reporting website activity in Omniture SiteCatalyst (Adobe Analytics). While the some distinctions between eVars and Props have been removed in recent Omniture SiteCatalyst releases, the main ones are still there.

Props (or S.Props) are traffic variables or traffic counters. They are mainly used in tracking and counting the number of times certain pages (content types) were viewed. E.g.: if you segment your website content (pages) by: products and services then you can have a reporting view in Omniture showing traffic split between products and services pages after you tag those pages with props variables. E.g. On product pages you would use: s.prop1="Products" and on Services pages you would add: s.prop1="Services"

Props can also be used in pathing reports and correlations. They are helpful to segment traffic by demographics, navigation behavior or to understand visitor behavior on the website.

There are a total of 75 maximum props variables available in Omniture to use. Props are not persistent variables. They only fire with an image request to the server.

eVars are often referred to as conversion variables that are used for subrelations (rather than correlations like in props). eVars are best used to track attributes or actions taken on a website that contributed to success events (conversions). E.g. if a success event is defined by adding a product to a shopping cart using an "event" variable on the shopping card addition page, then associating an evar on the site search box would help analysts see what impact searching for a product on the website using the search box had on reaching the success event (i.e. conversion). You can tell from this example that eVars are persistent.

Events variables are basically used to capture the success event on the website.

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